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Care Coordinator

Clinics Without Walls (CWW)

What is a CWW Care Coordinator?

Care CoordinatorA CWW Care Coordinator is trained to provide information and education to CWW patients/clients, about the health care options available to them, which address their specific needs. In addition, they assist patients in finding providers who may be the best fit for them.

A Care Coordinator also assists both patients and their providers, if requested, in monitoring and coordinating information among their various health care providers.


  1. Assist seekers of health care in understanding all their health care options, including natural and alternative treatments.
  2. Assist health care consumers in finding the local health care providers who best fit their specific needs.
  3. Facilitate referrals between providers, within the group of CWW health care practitioners.
  4. Educate practitioners if requested, about alternative health care options and providers for their patients.
  5. Educate and assist patients and practitioners when requested, about insurance and payment options.
  6. If requested, facilitate communication and coordinate information between multiple care providers, on behalf of both patient and providers.

Needs Assessment

The Care Coordinator receives an initial intake of basic information from a patient/client, that is gathered by phone, online, or in-person using the ‘Client Health Intake’ form.

This information is reviewed with patient/client, and along with further discussion of needs, is utilized to assist the patient/client in understanding their treatment options, and identifying local providers who can best address their specific healthcare needs.

Treatment Options Education

The Care Coordinator educates and answers questions for both patients and their current providers if requested, about the various kinds of modalities and treatment options available, that may apply to their specific needs. This may include questions and information about insurance and payment options available for each type of treatment.

Please contact Clinics Without Walls by phone or online. We will put you in touch with a Care Coordinator who can help you understand your options, and connect you with your local provider community.