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Owner Peer Groups

Our peer groups have up to 8 participants who are owners of small businesses or professional practices. They attend monthly meetings which are professionally facilitated by a business consultant/coach. The objective is to improve individual business success by providing peer support, giving each other objective input, and sharing experiences with common challenges.

An important part of what makes this work so well is that members are not direct competitors, so they are free to share the inner workings of their businesses with each other. And true objectivity from an "owner's perspective" is difficult to get from employees, or accountants, bankers, attorneys, friends, relatives, etc.

small business support

Here are some benefits of your participation in an owner peer group:

  1. "Owners perspective" input from your peers.
  2. Borrow techniques that have worked in other businesses.
  3. Learn solutions to similar challenges.
  4. Bounce ideas off of objective third parties.
  5. Get away from the office in a constructive way, not just "social".
  6. Get an inside view of other companys.

small business support

Here are comments from group members about the value of their participation:

"Participation in this group has added a new dimension to my thinking about my business. By listening to the others relate their accounts and by getting helpful, unbiased opinions about my situations, I am able to see my business more clearly."
~ Neil Hedman Olympic Landscape & Irrigation Co.

"The in-depth analysis of my business by my peers, and their constructive evaluation make me appreciate what I am doing right, and have helped identify ways to improve my business."
~ Bud Montgomery The Seract Corp.

"For me, this group is like having an outside board of directors, helping to guide my actions as I try to lead my company. I definitely get a different perspective from these group members than I get anywhere else."
~ Jerry Smith Jack Frost Co.

"I have gained a great deal of satisfaction observing group members benefiting from their interaction. I believe they really look forward to their time together, without the pressure of having to "sell" their business to each other. I think they actually enjoy the chance to relate the bad with the good, and get healthy feedback from peers who can relate, sympathize, encourage, and offer practical advice."
~ Dan Johnson Facilitator